I was one of the first customers lined up for the Jamison Bryce’s solution to John Deere’s poor design for it’s materials collection system (MCS) mounting bracket. With all the easy on-off solutions they came up with for my 1026r, they fell short with their bracket. To install my MMM I can drive up and over my it without ever having to get off my fat tuchis to install. I can remove my backhoe with 2 pins and a simple disconnect of one hydraulic line. But the MCS mower mount bracket is a whole different animal. You need to bolt it on and off with 2 large nuts/bolts. It’s a daunting task when done alone, you need 4 hands to accomplish and it is heavy to boot:

Bryce Bracket 008





And if you have your 3 point hitch installed, you need to remove your 3 point hitch and iMatch to install the bracket. And when you are done mowing, you need to go back and remove the MCS bracket and reinstall the 3 point hitch and iMatch. You get the picture….this is a royal pain in the arse, to say the least.

Now before you mulchers chime in and tell me to not bag, my lawn when done is vacuumed clean and in the fall I never rake or blow leaves and when is all said and done, the next year I have roughly 6-7 yards of black gold from my compost pile!

Randy Lang came up with this great solution that mounts directly to the iMatch in 2 seconds! The iMatch Adaptor.

Bryce Bracket 001Bryce Bracket 002






What was unexpected was the nice retention pins he installed on it. These are the pins that hold the bagger onto the hitch. There are 2 of them
Here’s a closeup of John Deere’s:

Bryce Bracket 010





And here’s Randy’s. Note the difference in quality!

Bryce Bracket 004





After you install the bracket on the iMatch, it only takes a few seconds to throw the bagger assembly on to it. But it is a most awkward task to do alone. He makes a cart that the whole assemble sits on. I have yet to purchase this but I have it in my sights for the future. You can install and remove the whole bagger assemble without ever having to leave your seat.
Jamison Bryce MCS Cart

Bryce Bracket 015Bryce Bracket 007







Great product, it sure makes my life a little easier and a whole lot faster! The welds and fit and finish are even better than JD’s. The service is great too. Mine was one of the first ones that shipped and afterwards, he added plastic end caps to new units. He shipped me a set free and unsolicited. That’s what I call outstanding service.