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“I have been using the bracket for about a month and am very happy with it. I have only needed to remove the hopper once, but being able to lower the 3-pt hitch to ground level really made removing the hopper a snap.”
– Steve from CT

“The bracket is working great! Thanks again for providing a quality solution to this!”
– Allan from NY

“I ordered mine last weekend and received it in a timely fashion on Friday. Although I haven’t mounted yet, it is pretty impressive. It has a tough powder coated finish and the spring pins are way better than the ones shown on his website. I wish JD had these same pins on their MCS. I can’t believe JD missed the boat on this innovation. I’ll take some pictures once I install for grass season in a few weeks. Thanks for making this Randy! Life just got a whole lot simpler for me.”
– James from MA

“Very cool! I just received the bracket and am looking forward to the cart!”
– Dustin from WA

“It’s a great system Randy. I’ve had the power flow system on and off several times now. It’s very easy to do with the bracket system I bought from you. Thanks again.”
– Ralph NH

Comments we’ve received on the design of our products.

“Very cool! I really like the way it holds it from the inside on the hitch pins, great engineering”
– Ken from MD

“That’s a really simple, brilliant solution to the problem. Great job”
– Blake from TN

“Nice design…what Deere should have offered all along.”
– Matt From CO

“I do not know how anyone could get by without your cart set-up, moving the MCS around by yourself is very cumbersome; it is really nice.”
– Daniel from TN

“I’m thrilled with adapter. It makes it so that my wife can handle mounting the bagger herself. My 10 year old son mounted it on the 3pt one time. It’s that simple. Fit and finish are fantastic on the bracket and the cart. Randy’s packaging is first rate as well. The bracket and cart come fully assembled, packed in one box. The whole thing is wrapped in protective wrap and tape that took my wife and I 30 minutes to unpack. Since the bracket is made to fit the Imatch exactly, there are no bushings to buy. The lower and upper pins are the size needed to fit the Imatch.”
– Tony from WI

“I am completely blown away by the quality of the mounting cart. I have never had anything fit so precisely to the iMatch. I particularly like the quality of the latches that hold on the bagger frame. It’s really nice to have the detent position on the latch to hold it open. The casters on the cart seem to be much nicer than what one normally sees these days. The foot latches to lock them down are very good quality. They are also higher quality than what most manufacturers would normally use.”
-Richard from MN